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  • Airbnb – 新用戶登記賺取 $290 HKD Off 住宿 + $109 HKD Off 購買活動體驗

    過期時間: 13-12-22
  • 購買airbnb禮品卡

    過期時間: 29-11-22
  • 美國俄亥俄州度假村 最低HK$5,652起

    過期時間: 17-12-22
  • 哥斯大黎加別墅 最低HK$5,485起

    過期時間: 21-12-22
  • Discover Airbnb Homes in Europe From $75

    過期時間: 25-10-22
  • Stay at Homes in Thailand From as Low as $80

    過期時間: 17-11-22
  • Airbnb Voucher: Book Airbnb Stays in Hong Kong From $38

    過期時間: 14-11-22
  • Airbnb Promotion: Discover Airbnb Homes in Seoul From $93

    過期時間: 11-11-22
  • Sign up For Latest News at Airbnb

    過期時間: 28-1-23
  • Free Cancellation at Airbnb

    過期時間: 11-1-23
  • Up to 57% Off Maldives Getaways

    過期時間: 9-1-23
  • Hong Kong Stays From $70/night

    過期時間: 10-1-23
  • Up to 30% Off Hotel Deals

    過期時間: 14-1-23
  • Up to 30% Off Macau Hotels

    過期時間: 26-1-23
  • Sydney Stays From $12 Per Night

    過期時間: 24-1-23
  • Europe Stays From $311 Per Night

    過期時間: 29-1-23
  • Earn a Free Night on Stays

    過期時間: 6-1-23
  • Up to 25% Off Singapore Hotels

    過期時間: 18-1-23
  • Up to 20% Off Hong Kong Hotels

    過期時間: 2-1-23
  • Up to 50% Off Member-exclusive Deals

    過期時間: 31-12-22
  • Up to 45% Off Hong Kong Hotels

    過期時間: 16-1-23
  • Up to 37% Off Tokyo Hotels

    過期時間: 7-1-23
  • Up to 13% Off Macau Hotels

    過期時間: 16-1-23
  • Hong Kong Stays From $8 Per Night

    過期時間: 22-1-23
  • Up to 25% Off Los Angeles Hotels

    過期時間: 17-1-23
  • Singapore Stays From $94/night

    過期時間: 27-1-23
  • Hong Kong Stays From $45/night

    過期時間: 12-1-23
  • Melbourne Stays From $24/night

    過期時間: 26-1-23
  • Compare Thousands of Travel Sites and Save up to 80%

    過期時間: 24-1-23
  • Singapore Stays From $23/night

    過期時間: 18-1-23
  • Up to 50% Off Bookings

    過期時間: 25-1-23
  • Asia Stays From $29/night

    過期時間: 10-1-23
  • Airbnb Discount: up to 10% OFF Tong Fuk Home With Sea View

    過期時間: 1-1-23
  • Airbnb Promotion: up to 30% OFF + $168 Credit SOHO Urban Designer Apartment

    過期時間: 21-1-23
  • Up to 10% Cash Back as a Host at Airbnb

    過期時間: 6-1-23
  • Low Prices on Selected Room Bookings at Airbnb

    過期時間: 18-1-23
  • Airbnb Discount: Book Stays in Japan From $59

    過期時間: 1-1-23
  • Airbnb Promo: Homes in London From Only $76

    過期時間: 23-1-23
  • Airbnb Promo: Book a Host in Singapore From $71

    過期時間: 3-1-23
  • Airbnb Promo: Airbnb Homes in Asia Destinations From $57

    過期時間: 12-1-23
  • Extra 10% Off Asia Getaways

    過期時間: 6-4-22
  • Extra 10% Off North America Getaways

    過期時間: 6-4-22
  • Extra 10% Off Europe Escapes

    過期時間: 6-4-22
  • Extra 10% Off Middle East Hotels

    過期時間: 6-4-22
  • Klook Promotion: 70% OFF Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour X Snoopy Staycation

    過期時間: 9-1-22
  • Trip.com Promotion: up to 50% OFF Last Minute Hotel Bookings

    過期時間: 9-1-22

關於Airbnb和Airbnb 促銷代碼 & Airbnb 推廣碼的更多信息

Earn money as an Airbnb host. No matter what type of home or room to share, Airbnb makes it simple and safe to host travelers. You have full control over your availability, prices, house rules and how you interact with guests. To maintain the security of your home and property, Airbnb covers each $1 million reservation as property damage protection, as well as another US$1 million insurance against accidents.
Airbnb provides consumers with gift cards. Airbnb will send the gift card via email, and it is easy to add it to any account on Airbnb. Airbnb gift cards do not expire, so your friends can spend time planning their next trip. With over a million homes, your friends can stay in the destination of their dreams.
Refer friends to Airbnb, all of you can receive rewards from Airbnb. Get up to $25 for every friend you refer. You can invite your friends to Airbnb by e-mail or by sharing the invitation link on social media. Your friends will receive up to $ 40 from their first trip, and you will receive $ 15 per person who completes a qualifying stay and $ 10 per person in a qualifying experience.


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Airbnb is an online community marketplace for people to insert, explore and book accommodation around the world. Airbnb is a community marketplace for people to insert, explore and reserve unique spaces around the world through mobile phones or the Internet. Airbnb connects travelers looking for authentic experiences with hosts who provide unique and inspiring spaces around the world. Airbnb is a reliable online marketplace for people to insert, explore and book unique accommodations and experiences around the world.