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The company was founded by Adolf Dassler in his mother's house; He was joined by his older brother Rudolf under the name Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Dassler was involved in the development of spiked running shoes (spikes) for several sporting events. To improve the quality of sports shoes with spikes, he switched from a previous model with heavy metal spikes to canvas and rubber. Dassler persuaded US sprinter Jesse Owens to use his handmade spikes for the Summer Olympics. After a collapse in the relationship between the brothers, Adolf founded Adidas and Rudolf founded Puma, which became Adidas' business rival.
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Adidas, styled as "Did" since 1949, is a multinational company based in Herzogenaurach that designs and manufactures footwear, apparel and accessories. It is the largest sporting goods manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world after Nike. It is the holding company of the Adidas Group, which consists of the sporting goods company Reebok. These numbers alone can easily indicate that adidas is a fairly large and multi-layered organization. True. But we keep things simple, lean and fast. And we will use this approach now to give an overview of what our business is about.