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The Berlin Pass was designed for all tourists and visitors to the city to help them discover the best of Berlin for less. It's a simple sightseeing map that works with a scan-and-enter system and serves as a ticket to Berlin's best sights, monuments, museums and galleries. It's that simple: make the most of your Berlin experience with the Berlin Pass and save time and money. Experience Berlin to the fullest and save a lot of money. Visit the most popular attractions at no extra cost and visit all the famous sights, from the cathedral to the open bus tour - there is something for everyone!
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The Berlin Pass is the only all-inclusive sightseeing city map that allows visitors to experience all that Berlin has to offer, while saving time and money. The Berlin Pass includes free admission to over 50 top attractions, monuments and museums as well as a detailed travel guide and the option to add a Travelcard for getting around Berlin. The Berlinpass (official spelling: berlinpass) is a social card and documents the identified neediness towards third parties. The pass is intended to help needy Berliners to participate in social and cultural life in the city.